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corrective pruningCorrective Pruning of trees is required when the tree begins to grow, or has grown for some time, in the “wrong direction”. For example, a tree that is growing towards power lines, a lamp standard, toward a house or building or is, for whatever reason, growing at an odd angle or in an odd shape. Corrective pruning can help not only to eliminate any danger the tree may be causing but can also improve the overall look and good health of the tree.

To conduct corrective pruning on any tree we first assess the situation, take into account any obstacles, dangers or things to consider. We then make a plan for how the tree will be visually corrected and then slowly begin the process – taking time to review our progress as we go to ensure that the tree not only looks symmetrical and beautiful, but that we are also correcting the problem properly.

While corrective pruning may last for some time, depending on how quickly your tree grows corrective pruning will need to be maintained on an ongoing basis.

Additionally, cabling or bracing part of the tree or tree trunk may assist in returning the tree to a more normal growth position or reduce ongoing issues.

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